Hope you had a great thanksgiving! And I couldn’t wait to get into the Christmas season…my favoritest time of the year hands down. So, to start the celebration, here’s a little printable I want to share with you. Joy to the world!


~ Joy to the World Printable


Download this 8×10 printable here.


So, I haven’t posted anything in like a million years (or a few months). Sorry! I’ve been catching up on things and life for the most part. I’ve been going through changes in my life that deserved my full attention so I had to abandon my little blog for some time.

For a while I thought maybe I would have to shut down Falala, but I couldn’t! This blog is a part of me now, and so I just waited and hoped that I would be able to come back. That day is today. I am not ignoring you, dear blog, anymore. I missed you.

Some of you may have noticed I started a photography business. Photography is something I’ve always loved and admired. As I keep growing as a designer and love for art, and as I look for ways to provide for my little family, the change felt natural. I am loving it, but the change is always difficult at first and takes time to get used to.

Through this blog I just want to share inspiration to others in any way I can. Thanks for patiently waiting for some updates and pretty designs. This blog will also undergo a few changes in the next couple of months but I think you will enjoy them!


Why hello there! If you haven’t seen this post yet, you have to know that there is an amazing sale going on right now and you cannot miss this! 16 Baby Shower Printable Packs designed by 16 different bloggers and over 440 pages, all of that for only 27.97!

You can get a closer look at all of the fun themes you can find in this bundle over here. You will LOVE this!

I really wanted to share even more pictures with you of the printable pack I created…let me tell you, I had so much fun doing this!


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