So, this month’s freebie has come a little later than usual, but here it is today!

I am working on a little gallery on Amaliah’s nursery and have a few prints that I still need to get. I was looking for something simple and cute to go with the few ones I have so far and decided to create this:


It’s a small 4×6 print and I am sharing it for download in case you want to use it as well. I did 4 different versions and there’s a couple in blue that would go well for a boy ;)

I think it will look very nice with all the other prints I have. I am hoping to get the gallery done and up in the next couple of weeks and will share a pic here when I do ;)




Download right here.

Why hello there! If you haven’t seen this post yet, you have to know that there is an amazing sale going on right now and you cannot miss this! 16 Baby Shower Printable Packs designed by 16 different bloggers and over 440 pages, all of that for only 27.97!

You can get a closer look at all of the fun themes you can find in this bundle over here. You will LOVE this!

I really wanted to share even more pictures with you of the printable pack I created…let me tell you, I had so much fun doing this!


This pack was created for an “Up, Up, and Away!” Baby Shower theme. It has food printables, games, decor printables, banners, and more! Included are also tips and instructions to make your event oh so special! Can you believe there are 13 more packs like this one on this bundle! + a Pregnancy Announcement printable pack + a Gender Reveal Party printable pack! :) Here is a little preview of this pack included in the bundle:


So HURRY & grab your 16 Gorgeous Packs today!

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We’re EXPECTING…you to freak out about this!

I’ve got something very special for you! What if I told you that I teamed up with 15 other extremely talented designers to create a printable bundle filled with…

14 Different Baby Shower Theme Printable Packs

and a Pregnancy Announcement printable pack

and a Gender Reveal Party printable pack!

That’s 16 Baby Shower Printable Packs in one!!!

Yep, that’s right! 16 popular bloggers & designers created 16 of the most DARLING themed baby shower printable packs to help you pull off the most ADORABLE baby showers you’ve ever seen!

This baby seriously has EVERYTHING you could EVER want or need to throw the perfect BABY SHOWER that every new mother deserves!

  • 14 Different and COMPLETE printable baby shower themes? ALL INCLUDED!
  • 1 Pregnancy Announcement Pack? Got you covered!
  • 1 Gender Reveal Announcement Pack AKA Boy or Girl? You are set!
  • Matching Invitations AND Thank You Cards? You know it!
  • Banners and decor? Check!
  • Cupcake toppers and table tents? Just Print!
  • A non-cheesy baby shower game? Completely planned!
  • Matching party favors? Just a click away from DONE!
  • AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!! {See EVERYTHING below!}

All together – it’s a collection of over 440 PAGES that aren’t offered ANYWHERE else… only in this exclusive Baby Shower Printable Bundle! You can grab your own bundle for ONLY $27.97!!! 

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**These are digital printables that will be emailed to the Paypal email address you use to pay.

**All purchases of this amazing digital bundle are final. Please read the below list to see exactly what is in it.

Wanna take a closer look at everything included?

I thought so! Just you wait until you see all of the cuteness…

Gorgeous Baby Shower Printable Packs!

1. The Dating Divas- “Pretty in Pink”Tickle me happy! Based on the Audrey Hepburn quote, “I believe in PINK” – the pinkest of them all, this darling pink baby shower has everything you need to ensure your future pink diva is celebrated in classy pink style! From the giant banners to the cupcake toppers to the frameable quotes to use as decor, these adorable party printables are sure to tickle your fancy.

2. The Project Girl- “Mint to Be” If mint onesies aren’t the most adorable things in the whole world, we don’t know what is! We know your little one was minted in heaven and they deserve to enter this world celebrated by the most darling mint and gold speckled theme you ever did see! Try not to be too jealous of all the expecting mothers once you see this DARLING baby shower! You can always print and save it for your own one day, too *wink!*

3-4 Collage

3. Yellow Bliss Road- “Baby of Mine” What is it about adorable elephants that just makes you feel cuddled and loved!? This “Baby of Mine” theme (based on the Dumbo song, Baby of Mine) gets our vote for most tender Mommy-baby sweetness! Just wait till you see these adorable graphics close up! Gender neutral, this baby shower theme is also perfect for families who don’t know the gender of the baby or adoptive baby showers!

4. Kiki & Company- “Foxes & Flowers”What does the fox say? You need this baby shower printable pack in your life! Friendly foxes and gorgeous flower graphics adorn every last bit of the baby shower printables included in this set! You’ll have people ooh-ing and ahh-ing from invite to thank you card!

Gorgeous Baby Shower Printable Packs!

5. Thirty Handmade Days- “Build a Library” A baby’s library and their parent’s arms make up their whole world! This Library theme baby shower has pages filled with everything from library card shower invitations to a banner of books! We know this baby shower is perfect for the reading mama in your life!

6. Seven Thirty Three- “Mommy-to-BEE” Mommies make for the busiest of bees and we want everyone to know that this mama is the best one ever! This printable baby shower is buzzing with cute little bees and honeycombs that make for a shower sweet as honey. This Mommy-to-BEE will have everything she’s ever dreamed of!

Gorgeous Baby Shower Printable Packs!

7. Over the Big Moon- “Over the Moon for You” Every baby deserves to hear how much they are loved over and over again. “I Love You to the Moon and Back” is a baby shower theme filled to the moon with dreamy graphics and moonlit printables that are sure to leave your guests snapping pictures in awe.

8. Falala Designs- “Up, Up, and Away!” Blow this Mommy away and leave her little one dreaming of hot air balloons and cloud animals even before they get here! This Mommy’s going to be on Cloud Nine with all of the hot air balloon baby shower decor! Perfect for a boy or girl, this baby shower set is taking off as the biggest hit of everyone’s summer!

Gorgeous Baby Shower Printable Packs!

9. Somewhat Simple- “About to POP!” Is there a mama in your life that is ready to POP!? Or maybe it’s you! (or future you?!) This colorful baby shower theme is ready for balloons and bubble gum and Voila! It’s ready to blow your mind AND the camera!

10. Whimsicle Design Studio- “Pregnancy Announcement Set” Bump up your Instagram-cuteness with these totally amazing baby-bump pic printables! Use these printables to not only announce your pregnancy with your man to your friends and family, but also to capture the monthly progress of your pregnancy to preserve the memory and record the weeks and size of your baby!

Gorgeous Baby Shower Printable Packs!

11. From Me, With Love- “Special Delivery” One darling stork has a special delivery for a mama near you! Treat your sister or friend to this perfectly pastel stork “Special Delivery” themed baby shower! The invitations are divine and the decorations will leave every expecting-mother’s expectations 100% met! Delivery: on its way; operation happy mama: success.

12. Paging Supermom- “ROCK-a-bye Baby” Celebrate the debut of your future rockstar in style with this flashy high-energy baby shower printables pack! This set is FULL of the perfect invites, decor, and details needed for you to rock out in anticipation for the new little one and their super hot mama – center stage.

Gorgeous Baby Shower Printable Packs!

13. Ella Claire- “Sugar & Spice” Cupcake and sugar themed goodness has left this theme baked full of everything needed for the perfect “Sugar & Spice baby shower! The decorations included are perfectly sweet and ready to use! Just add the beautiful Mother and… DING! You’re done!

14. I’m Topsy Turvy- “Staches or Lashes, Gender Reveal Party” You’ll be set to throw a Gender Reveal Party to announce what you’re having to your friends and family! This pack includes everything you’ll need to invite, decorate, have your guests place their guesses, and prep for the big reveal!

Gorgeous Baby Shower Printable Packs!

15. My Sister’s Suitcase- “Baby on Board” Vroom! Life takes off once a baby enters the scene! This adorable baby shower printable set is decked out with enough little cars and trucks to fill the whole lot! The primary colors will go with everything and all you’ll need to do is frost the cupcakes!

16. Love the Day- “Ship Ahoy, It’s a Boy!” Ahoy Baby! This nautical baby shower has everything included to make this baby celebration absolutely unforgettable! from dessert toppers and sails to invitations, banners, and thank you’s, you’re going to think we shipped you right out to sea!

See? Told ya! EVERYTHING you could ever want to pull off the perfect Baby Shower! Oh, and feel free to tag your favorite designer when you throw the baby shower of a lifetime so she can see what you created with the printables! If you use the Up, Up, and Away! theme, I would LOVE to see it! <3 The actual SHOWER is the BEST part!!  <3

So HURRY & grab your 16 Gorgeous Packs today!

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Hi there! I just wanted to wish you a good Monday and week! Also, don’t forget there’s a free printable coming this Friday, it might just be the card you were looking for Dad..hint hint ;)

so in love > falala designs

I am so in love with this little one, although she’s beginning to show the naughty side of her! We have to be careful and make sure we discipline her because she can be a little rebel sometimes.

When she was born and was in the NICU the nurses kept saying she was a feisty one and sure enough, she almost got out of her little bed once, just pushing herself with her legs at only a couple days old! It was good at that time because she fought and got better very fast. And now, we still see that side of her, she tries to defy us sometimes, you won’t understand a word she says but her tone is very clear. She will tell us if she doesn’t like something and she can be quite loud! Anyways, it’s very interesting to see her personality develop; this will be a very interesting ride.

These are some pictures I took of her today, it was a kind of nice out, sunny although windy, but we were able to spend some time outside and that’s really nice after the looong winter we’ve had. Please don’t mind our messy garden! We are horrible gardeners :S

so in love > falala designsso in love > falala designs so in love > falala designs so in love > falala designsso in love > falala designsso in love > falala designs


Mother’s day is coming so soon! So I created a little printable for Grandmas! I love the quote “Grandmas are mommies with frosting”and decided to make it into a little printable card:


Download 4×6 card here.


I also wanted to share with you a video I made of my daughter’s first 14 months. Just last week we celebrated a year of her coming home from the NICU, crazy to think it’s already been a year! And we just love having her in our lives so much! Being a mother is such a special blessing.

The video is a little long but man! I had such a hard time clipping out things! This is the best I could do. “14 months in 9 minutes”…