I love all the marble trend going on and had to start looking for some cool accessories. Here are some of my finds, all links of where to find them below. Enjoy!


  1. Richmond & Finch Acrylic Marble Case 2. Amara Marble ‘Wall Watch’ Clock 3. Balenciaga Ice Melange Round Sunglasses (Rental) 4. Biltmore Artisan Set of White Marble Coasters 5. The Container Store Marble Pump Dispenser 6. Chloe and Isabel Aventine Convertible Statement Earrings (Howlite) 7. Aventine Statement Bracelet 8. Zazzle White Marble Pens 9. Jamberry Sculpted Nail Wrap 10. Aventine Collar Necklace 11. Zazzle Modern Hustle Typography Rose Gold White Marble Pillow 12. Zazzle Marble Stone In Gray Coffee Mug 13. Zazzle Custom Notepad


Hope you had a great thanksgiving! And I couldn’t wait to get into the Christmas season…my favoritest time of the year hands down. So, to start the celebration, here’s a little printable I want to share with you. Joy to the world!


~ Joy to the World Printable


Download this 8×10 printable here.